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Create your own one of a kind rope vessel using beautiful hand painted rope guided by a fully illustrated, step by step beginner's rope vessel guide illustrated by Ashley Ronning.

The 9 piece kit includes:

1 x 10 meters of hand painted cotton rope. Enough to make one basket measuring 19.5cm across the opening and 8cm in height.

1 x Beginner's Rope Vessel Guide riso printed with step-by-step images, inspiring ideas and tips by Gemma Patford Illustrated by Ashley Ronning

1 x White acrylic coated rope vessel measuring 15cm across the opening and 2.5cm in height. 100% hand made from cotton rope and water based acrylic paint for you to use as a reference when sewing your first vessel and to decorate in your own style using the quality acrylic paints supplied in your kit.

3 x Sample pots of quality water based acrylic paints. We hand select 3 complimentary colours inspired by our current range of vessels for you to style and decorate your white acrylic coated rope vessel provided in your kit.

2 x Artist quality paint brushes in varied widths.

1 x 500 meters of natural coloured polyester sewing thread.

The items in this kit have been hand made and sourced individually by Gemma Patford.

Included in this kit is a simple yet comprehensive guide to rope vessel crafting which even an absolute beginner can use. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to create your own rope vessel from start to finish using fun colourful step by step illustrations by artist Ashley Ronning.

Each vessel is crafted using an electric sewing machine. Even absolute sewing beginners will be taught the skills to make their own rope vessel at home.

Like what you see, but need more? Each kit contains enough materials to create one large rope vessel measuring 19.5cm across the opening and 8cm in height. If you would like to purchase additional lengths of hand painted rope, these are available through other listings in our webstore.

The above images are strictly copywrited to Heather Lighton Photography

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